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Hello Ed!
What a wonderful speech!  I wish I’d been able to be there to hear it in person but I’m so glad that you sent it out for those of us who weren’t.  It’s a great talk.  One of the things I like the best is your appreciation and acknowledgement of people who are part of your life.  While I know so many of the people you mention, I learned more about them and even more about those I don’t know.
Congratulations on the award.  It is well deserved.
In Solidarity and Friendship,
Kathleen O’Nan
Nice job Ed. Congratulations and best wishes fo all projects down the road.
Sandy, up north
Hi Ed,
Great Dylan story; I enjoyed reading every word. Beautiful tribute to your great Ash Grove team, now and then. David Cohen was my guitar teacher; he taught me finger-picking in a logical step-building fashion that I have used many times to help others learn how to do it.  Thank you again for everything.
Mazel Tov!
Yup.  I attended a few times, heard Odetta.
Beautiful speech.
Ruth Persky
Thanks Ed for the brief history. I went to the Ash Grove often and loved the music. Keep up the great work.
Marty Hittelman
Great speech, Ed, I enjoyed all of it.

Hi Ed, That reads very well.


Great speech, Ed!  I’m looking at the 14th of November to tackle your make-room project.  I’ll call you when I’m back in town.




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