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Below is the GoogleGroups Page for Ed’s Daily Digest. We have been trying to figure out a way for people to comment on Ed’s posts without adding more traffic to people’s inboxes. Let’s see how this works. You are part of the experimental team.

To comment, note the name of the article, and use the comment section here to write about your thoughts. If we can make this work for the Daily Digest, we will set it up for The Ash Grove.

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One thought on “Ed’s Daily Digest: Comment here!”

  1. Comment on: The Verizon Strike Is a Reminder That Improving Workers’ Lives Will Always Require Workplace Action.

    We can never stop trying to improve worker’s lives. For every gain we have made since the Taft-Hartley Act passed in 1948, five have been taken away. I took the History of Labor 1880 to present in college, and Labor Law in law school. At the end of each class, most of us were depressed and disheartened by the state of worker protections.

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