Bernie Pearl’s “Take Your Time” Review on F.A.M.E.


Hi. If you weren’t there, you missed an unforgettable evening. ( I almost said ‘some enchanted evening). The music, the performances, connection with folks in the full house, and the audience itself were amazing. Honestly, it took me back to some of the best of the original Ash Grove, itself. -Ed

Bernie Pearl’s “Take Your Time” Review on F.A.M.E. Music writer Mark C. Tucker has written on my work since “Live at Boulevard Music: Somebody Got To Do It” His review of “Take Your Time” appears in the latest edition of Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange (FAME). Bernie “Take Your Time is ample demonstration that no matter how long you work at it, the guitar and the blues contain depths that just keep opening up. And that’s what you get this time out: the added luster, warmth, and degree of exposition that comes only of toil, discretion, long familiarity, and an irreducible love for the fullest dimensions of the art.

Frankly, you can start listening to Bernie Pearl at any point in his growing catalogue and be nothing but happy and engrossed, but, even so, the guy’s a purist and ceaselessly refining his craft, sometimes taking a year or more — sometimes a hell of a lot longer — before satisfying himself that he’s got a particular song right, letting the public in on the result. Thus, there’s a subtle but definable evolution to his mastery that reminds me of a quip by Segovia after a White House performance, wherein the maestro was asked how, after more than 60 years of playing, he felt about the guitar. He answered, with a glowing smile, “You know…I think I’m just beginning to understand this instrument”. To see the full review, click on this link ============================================================ Copyright © 2014 Ed Pearl- The Ash Grove, All rights reserved.