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———————————————————— The Ash Grove Apecial: The New Ash Grove Website and Blog Good Morning: All along, establishing a website with concurrent publication of Daily Digest and Ash Grove articles has been my goal. Primarily, I want to provide a discussion forum for my wise and knowledgeable readers to comment and parse articles of interest to you without additional inbox activity. Therefore, my determined and tenacious webmaster and virtual administrator Deb and I now have posted articles from the recent past and will be posting new articles here at ( . For example: is the link to the Vandana Shiva/Jane Goodall interview by Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman I sent out Sunday morning. For the next few days, we’ll be exploring varied views of Nelson Mandela not often put forth by the mass coverage of the past week, and from unique, informed sources. We welcome your own thoughts. Near the top of the article, see Leave a reply ( . Click on that link in the article to be taken to the Comments section. No need to “sign in” or “join” anything. You MAY connect using one of your social media profiles. This information will not be used or sold by us to others for any reason. ============================================================ Copyright © 2013 Ed Pearl- The Ash Grove, All rights reserved. A new format for The Ash Grove list! Hope you like it. Our mailing address is: Ed Pearl- The Ash Grove 882 Cleveland St. #21 Oakland, CA 94606 USA Email Marketing Powered by MailChimp ** follow on Twitter (Twitter Account not yet Authorized ) ** friend on Facebook (# ) ** forward to a friend ( ** unsubscribe from this list ( ** update subscription preferences (