Harmony for Humanity Concert October 10


The Ash Grove Harmony for Humanity Concert
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October 10, 2013–Harmony for Humanity Concert:
It’s Time To Start Singing Again October 7, 2013 Hosted by Ross Altman Contact: Ross Altman The Santa Monica Synagogue (323) 931-9321 1448 18th Street
sgreygoosemusic@aol.com (mailto:sgreygoosemusic@aol.com) Santa Monica, CA. 90404 (310) 453-4276 FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Program : Rabbi Jeff Marx Welcoming Remarks

Poem by Judea Pearl–read by Ross Altman

It’s Time to Start Singing Again: A Folk Music Concert Featuring the Songs of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Fred Neil, Don McLean, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) and Ken Graydon Participating Artists: Mika’ele McClellan Carol McArthur Paul Zollo Martha Stevens–Storyteller Neil Harburg April Halprin Wayland Bob McCallam Jill Fenimore Alex Alejandro Soschin Tom Graham At Home In the World by Daniel Pearl–Read by Ross Altman

On what would have been Daniel Pearl’s 50th birthday (October 10, 1963) we celebrate Harmony for Humanity, an evening of music from many walks of life and national origins, from America to Egypt. In keeping with the mandate of Daniel Pearl World Music Days we feature an evening of music that highlights efforts to build bridges across divisions of misunderstanding, to create links on the chain of our common humanity, and to forge a peaceful world.

The tragedy of Daniel Pearl’s murder in Pakistan on February 1, 2002 carries that challenge into the 21st Century and makes even more vivid the human spirit that must prevail if we are to avoid the ultimate catastrophe of obliterating what Pearl eloquently described as My Favorite Planet, an album adapted from his stories for the Wall Street Journal that carried him into the heart of darkness. As a light bringer he remains a steadfast symbol of hope and courage in the face of evil.

Daniel Pearl was a musician as well as a journalist and his violin–like his pen–will be remembered as mightier than the sword, for they have outlasted his shortened life. Join us for an evening of music, poetry and storytelling that welcomes a diverse audience of artists, veteran peace activists and organizers for social change to come together for an evening devoted to the ideal for which Daniel Pearl gave his life–Harmony for Humanity. (c) 2013 Grey Goose Music ### ### ### ### ### ###