Sunday’s event and ‘The Musical Legacy of the Great March’ This Saturday


Sunday’s event and The Musical Legacy of the Great March’ This Saturday

Hi. As the holiday weekend and war approach and occupy the mind, I take a time out to report that Shakespeare’s “All’s well that ends well” applies to the Ash Grove Picnic of last Sunday, and should, to tomorrow’s musical event in Pasadena.

First, the picnic: Great music from one person after another in a large circle of diverse folks, often from surprising sources. Everyone participated, became friends, drifted off to eat, greet and talk; then returned. Newcomers arrived, even towards the 6pm closing. The sentiments of the letter just below were expressed by everyone I spoke to, heard from on the phone, etc. I found out the next day that people actually continued until midnight, inside the house. Our hosts, Jan Goodman and Jerry Manpearl loved it and have asked that we make it an annual event. I promise to have it together and send you far fewer emails, next year. I won’t have to.

Ross Altman, the featured performer of tomorrow’s event was there, shared and I’m sure will draw many folks still in town to Pasadena. Me, too.