Daily Digest: Eisenhower and Suez: Red Lines Run in All Directions


———————————————————— http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/?u=6e49d094cce3022a65cbe3028&id=eedf441d5d&e=4f9ed2a7d1 Ed’s Daily Digest Eisenhower and Suez: Red Lines Run in All Directions From: David McReynolds [mailto:davidmcreynolds7@gmail.com] Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 1:00 PM Subject: Eisenhower and Suez: Red Lines Run in All Directions As we wait for military action from Washington. I have no further comments here on the issue of the moral failures of Washington (or of the Syrian government). Only to observe that Obama is about to lead the US into a zone of considerable peril and if people are going to write or call their members of Congress, now would be a good time to do it. Much has been made of Assad having crossed a red line (rather foolishly set by Obama). We do not know, at this time, whether or not poison gas was used (or by whom). If it was, regardless of which side used it, that is shocking. Certainly it would seem to me wise to at least wait for a report from the team of UN inspectors before taking action. Red lines run in all directions. I think back (ah, old age and its mild advantages) to the Suez Crisis of 1956 when Britain, France and Israel invaded Egypt to try to keep Nasser from taking control of the Suez Canal. It seems the US had not been a party to the action, nor informed about it in advance. (Though one wonders if the CIA could really have been that asleep at the switch). In any case, the Soviet Union not only strongly deplored the action, but took note that it had nuclear missiles that could reach London. (I’ll bet most of you didn’t know about that not-so-subtle Soviet threat). Eisenhower brought powerful pressure to bear on Israel, Britain and France. And in London there was the largest and almost spontaneous mass demonstration in Trafalgar Square that had been seen since the end of World War II – demanding the British stop their part in this invasion. The invasion was halted. Many are saying “what will the world think if Obama doesn’t do something”. Not considered by the commentators I’ve listened to is “what will Russia and Iran do if the US takes serious military action?”. What Obama seems about to do is open a Pandora’s box. Some things, once begun, take on a life of their own. Can Russia and China and Iran permit actions which would overthrow their ally? If Syria is directly threatened by heavy air strikes, can we count on it to act with a measured response? We have just accused it of acting recklessly in the use of poison gas (not yet proven) – why would we assume that a regime that felt its survival at risk would not take even more reckless actions? The old balance of power ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union – that “balance” placed limits on the possible actions of either major power. But does the US State Department really feel confident that it can bomb Syria with impunity? I entirely discount France and Britain – they will do what the US tells them to do. They will not act except in concert with the US. We come back again, as I have tried to argue in earlier posts, to a basic question, not about good and evil, but about US national interests – what threat do Syrian actions pose to the US? I note that there is some Congressional opposition to action by Obama – thus far that is coming largely from the Republicans. But they have raised the basis question – what US interests justify so risky an action. David McReynolds ============================================================ Copyright © 2013 Ed Pearl- The Ash Grove, All rights reserved. Ed’s Daily Digest News We have recreated the list in a program called MailChimp that promises to stop unsubscribing you. Please let us know if you experience problems with this new format by writing to deb@edpearl-ashgrove.org. Our mailing address is: Ed Pearl- The Ash Grove 882 Cleveland St. #21 Oakland, Ca 94606 Email Marketing Powered by MailChimp http://www.mailchimp.com/monkey-rewards/?utm_source=freemium_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=monkey_rewards&aid=6e49d094cce3022a65cbe3028&afl=1 ** follow on Twitter (Twitter Account not yet Authorized ) ** friend on Facebook (# ) ** forward to a friend (http://us7.forward-to-friend.com/forward?u=6e49d094cce3022a65cbe3028&id=eedf441d5d&e=4f9ed2a7d1) ** unsubscribe from this list (http://edpearl-ashgrove.us7.list-manage.com/unsubscribe?u=6e49d094cce3022a65cbe3028&id=1afea39a67&e=4f9ed2a7d1&c=eedf441d5d) ** update subscription preferences (http://edpearl-ashgrove.us7.list-manage1.com/profile?u=6e49d094cce3022a65cbe3028&id=1afea39a67&e=4f9ed2a7d1)